Louisiana Fire Chiefs Association members are eligible for a special opportunity. For a limited time, members will receive a 5% discount on a full annual subscription to Lexipol's Louisiana fire policy services.

Lexipol is the leading content, policy and training platform for public safety, enabling first responders and leaders to better protect their communities and reduce risk. Directly serving more than 7,500 police departments, fire departments and municipalities, Lexipol offers the most comprehensive resource for policies, online training and grant assistance.

Plus, through FireRescue1.com, Lexipol serves two million public safety professionals and local government leaders with up-to-date news and mission-critical information. Now is the time to get up-to-date policies continuously updated with changing legislation and best practices. Mitigate your risk with policies and training available any time, anywhere.

For more information, to request sample policies, or to schedule a demo of the Lexipol Policy Solution, please email info@lexipol.com or call us at 844-312-9500.


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