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On-Demand Webinar Recorded October 18, 2017

Law enforcement officers often arrive at fire scenes before firefighters. Their actions, therefore, can have life or death impact. Each year officers risk their lives to save trapped fire victims. Unfortunately, each year there are also many incidents where officers’ actions have the potential to complicate and even worsen a fire scene and put their lives in danger.
Although police and firefighters often respond together and both play critical roles at fire scenes, in most communities neither group gets much training on the other’s role. This webinar will bring together fire and law enforcement presenters and attendees to discuss how firefighters and officers can work together effectively and safely on the fireground.
You’ll Learn:

  • How modern building construction has dramatically changed fire behavior and how that changes tactics for officers and firefighters.
  • Three critical steps law enforcement officers should consider taking when arriving at fires before the fire department.
  • Strategies to improve communication, coordination and cooperation between fire and police departments.

Presented in partnership with the International Society of Fire Service Instructors by:

Seth Barker                                 Billy Goldfeder
Captain / Training Officer            Deputy Chief
Big Sky Fire Department             Loveland-Symmes (OH)
Executive Board Member,           Fire Department

Brian Kazmierzak                        Mike Ranalli
Chief of Training                          Chief, Retired
Penn Township (IN)                     Glenville (NY) 
Fire Department                          Police Department
2nd Vice President,                     Program Manager, Lexipol

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