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View On Demand (Recorded November 8, 2023)

Recent scrutiny – including legislation in some states – has brought new limitations on investigative traffic stops, creating challenges for law enforcement officers. Why have traffic stops become so controversial? What can we as a law enforcement community do to ensure this valuable policing tool is not stripped from us all together?  

Join Sergeant (Ret.) Jason Lehman of the non-profit organization “Why’d You Stop Me?” as he discusses how we can better explain our actions, teach community members how to engage with us effectively and safely, and bring our tactics and procedures closer to policy. 

You’ll learn:  

  • Why advocacy groups are working to reduce and eliminate traffic stops.

  • How to build future trust using using Jason Lehman's concept of confident closures to calls for service and traffic stops.

  • The nine “triggers of rage” that occur when conflict is present and how to slow the situation down and make better decisions.

  • How to emotionally and mentally process a stop that ends badly in order to mitigate future risk.

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Presented by:


Sergeant (Ret.) Jason Lehman
Executive Director, Why'd You Stop Me




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