On-Demand Video Recorded March 28, 2017

6 Essential Steps for First Responders

Each year, hundreds of emergency responders die or are seriously hurt while operating at incidents on highways. While we can’t change the fact that many drivers are distracted and driving too fast, we can change how we operate to increase our chances of survival.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Root causes of first responder injuries that occur while operating at highway incidents
  • Command disputes/communication issues that sometimes take place at the scene and how to avoid them.
  • Importance of high-visibility PPE and related policy
  • Basics of advance warning signs and devices
  • Basics of blocking procedures

Presented by:

Steve Austin                            Billy Goldfeder
Fire Police Officer                    Deputy Chief 
Program Manager                   Loveland-Symmes (OH)
Emergency Responder            Fire Department
Safety Institute

Capt. (Ret) Tom Martin            Jack Sullivan
Virginia State Police                Director of Training
Senior Law Enforcement          Emergency Responder
Advisor                                     Safety Institute
Emergency Responder
Safety Institute

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