As new tools and technologies evolve, so must the policies that govern their use. Lexipol and Axon have partnered to update our Conducted Energy Device Policy to be compliant with the TASER 10, Axon's latest technology.

Our policy guidance addresses the TASER 10's new capabilities while remaining easily customizable for agencies that have not yet adopted the TASER 10 or that have multiple models in service.

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Policy Considerations for the TASER 10

Training Considerations for the TASER 10


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Note: The provided policy is a national policy that does not reflect state laws and regulations governing CED use. It also does not include access to additional policies referenced within the policy. Agencies that subscribe to Lexipol’s state-specific policy solutions receive policies that incorporate all applicable state law. Lexipol encourages all agencies using this policy guidance to carefully review it in consultation with legal counsel and customize as needed to address community and agency needs. Agencies are ultimately responsible for their policy content.