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On-Demand Webinar Recorded December 12, 2016

Body-worn cameras can be essential to an investigation, but they raise complex questions when officers are involved in critical incidents. Should officers be allowed to view body camera and other video footage prior to filing a report? Does viewing footage change the officer’s perception of the event? What should your department’s policies reflect when it comes to viewing video? 

This webinar presents a point-counterpoint approach to some of the most hotly debated BWC questions in law enforcement today. 

You’ll learn:

  • Need-to-know technical information about video and how it can affect perception of an event.
  • Common arguments for and against allowing officers to view BWC footage before filing a report. 
  • How Lexipol policies provide agencies guidance when making decisions about viewing body camera footage. 
Presented by:


Laura Scarry                         Chief Ken Wallentine
Partner, DeAno & Scarry        Special Agent
Legal Support Attorney,          Utah Attorney General’s Office
Lexipol                                  Senior Legal Advisor, Lexipol


Grant Fredericks
Owner, Forensic Video Solutions
Instructor, FBI National Academy

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