View On-Demand (Recorded July 18, 2017)

Active-shooter incidents are a classic high-risk, low-frequency event. Most firefighters will never experience one. But for those who do, the consequences can be devastating, even fatal. Although it’s impossible to anticipate and avoid most violent incidents, studying past events can provide clues for what to expect—and how to better prepare your personnel. 

In this webinar, chief officers from three departments will recount their experiences in responding to an active-shooter situation. While each incident was unique, the presenters will identify common denominators that can help departments and individuals lessen the devastating impact of responding to active-shooter and other violent events. 

You’ll learn:

  • Lessons learned from three very different active-shooter incidents involving firefighters
  • The importance of developing joint response protocols with law enforcement
  • Factors to consider when making the decision to equip firefighters with body armor
  • Key elements of an active-shooter policy

Presented by:
Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder       Battalion Chief Tami Kayea
Loveland-Symmes (OH) FD           Dallas Fire-Rescue

Chief Ben Barksdale                   Asst. Chief Mark Cholach
Prince George’s County (MD)     Henrietta (NY) Fire District
Fire-EMS Department

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