Risk management is a concept often associated with insurance companies and actuaries—far removed from the split-second decisions required on fire and EMS calls. In fact, risk management permeates everything we do at the fire department – from the morning rig inspection to incident command at a massive warehouse fire, and from casual feedback shared with an engineer about driving speed to a serious disciplinary action brought against a member for harassment. 

What’s more, every single person in the fire service plays a critical role in risk management. 

In this special edition from FireRescue1, we focus on how risk management matters at every level. You'll learn: 

  • Why fire chiefs need to serve as the "Chief Risk Manager" for their departments—and what that entails
  • The connection between risk management and training, and the special role the company officer plays in ensuring firefighters are prepared
  • How individual firefighters can play a critical role in risk management by following six steps for staying safe on the job

Download the digital edition to explore how every member plays a role in protecting themselves, their crewmembers and their department. 

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