Video is extremely prevalent in today’s jails. Most facilities have a host of internal and external fixed cameras. Some correctional personnel wear body cameras. And in certain situations, such as cell extraction, video recording is required.  
All this video footage carries both opportunity and risk. For example, video can be extremely helpful in resolving allegations of abuse. But how do jail administrators ensure pertinent footage is available when needed? How can officers ensure their actions are compliant with HIPAA and PREA regulations while the cameras are running?
This webinar will explore some of the issues involving security, privacy and liability associated with the rapidly evolving area of jail video.
You’ll Learn:

  • How jail video contributes to facility security, beyond just remote monitoring
  • Why HIPAA and PREA affect how jails use and release video
  • When to retain video footage for future possible use
  • Factors to consider when determining where and how long to store video
  • Real-world examples of how jail video footage significantly impacted the outcome of an incident


Presented by:
Linda Bryant
Assistant Superintendent and
Compliance Attorney
Hampton Roads (VA) Regional Jail 

Mark Chamberlain
Training Coordinator, Lexipol
Former Chief Deputy of Corrections,
Garland County (AR) Sheriff's Office

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