Law enforcement officers are increasingly called to respond to incidents involving persons with mental illness. These interactions are fraught with risks—for the individual in crisis, the officers and the department. Adding to the pressure are several recent court decisions that have put law enforcement agencies “on notice” to better train officers to recognize the signs of mental illness and adjust tactics accordingly. 

This webinar explores how agencies can better prepare officers for interaction with persons with mental illness.

You’ll learn:

  • How Armstrong and other recent court rulings have placed higher and more rigid standards and greater after-the-fact scrutiny on officers dealing with persons with mental illness.
  • Key topics agencies should cover in their crisis intervention training.
  • Best practices in de-escalation.

Presented by:

Chief Ken Wallentine
Director, Utah Attorney General Training Center
Senior Legal Advisor, Lexipol

Ron Bruno
Director, CTS Services, LLC
Executive Director, CIT Utah, Inc.

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