Peer support teams are an effective tool to help public safety personnel process stressful and traumatic incidents. 

But there’s a great deal of risk involved with peer support teams, too. Without the proper support, team members can be subject to vicarious trauma and burnout. Without the proper protocols, the wrong people can be selected as team members. Training can also fall short of adequately preparing the team.

In this webinar, Lexipol co-founder Gordon Graham and retired Inspector and CSIM team consultant Jess Ram share six essential steps public safety leaders can take to set up peer support teams for success. 

You’ll learn:

  • Essential standards and protocols to consider for peer support teams
  • Team member selection and training considerations
  • Safeguards to have in place to manage the impact of stress on peer trainers
  • The role of executives and senior management in supporting peer trainers and maintaining a healthy, effective peer support team 

Presented by:
Gordon Graham                   Jessbir Ram
Co-founder, Lexipol             Inspector (Ret.)
Attorney/Risk                       Vancouver PD
Management Expert            Canadian Certified Counsellor/CISM Trainer

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