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Correctional officers are required to know the principles embodied in the United States Constitution, understand complex case law interpreting constitutional provisions, and exercise sound decision-making with limited facts—often in seconds. These split-second decisions will be scrutinized by department leadership and boards, funding sources, the public and, in many cases, the courts.
Many jails lack sound policies that can help correctional officers navigate these decisions. The result? Lawsuits and personnel grievances, situations that turn violent and incidents that ruin the reputation of jail administrators. Join Lexipol to learn what policy areas pose the most risk to correctional facilities and how policies built on national best practices and state/federal laws can help eliminate these hidden risks.
You’ll Learn:

  • Recent cases that highlight the extent of risk to correctional facilities.
  • 5 policy areas that directly address the root causes of many detention and correctional facility lawsuits, harm to inmates and staff and negative publicity.
  • Tips on how to craft policies that minimize risk and promote a safe, efficient facility.
  • How to get started establishing constitutionally sound policies and related training.

Presented by:
Linda Bryant                                    Mark Chamberlain
Assistant Superintendent/               Training Coordinator 
Compliance Attorney                       Lexipol
Hampton Roads (VA)                      Fmr. Chief Deputy
Regional Jail                                    of Corrections
Former Deputy Attorney General    Garland County SO
for Public Safety                              Hot Springs, AR
Commonwealth of Virginia 

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