On-Demand Webinar Recorded August 30, 2016

Use of force continuums, other escalation scales and labeling various force options as “levels” of force were widely promoted for years. But modern case law makes many of these models and labels outdated and ill-advised. If your policy hasn’t evolved over time, you’re probably at significant risk.

Join Lexipol co-founder and attorney Bruce Praet for a brief, frank discussion on the key elements of a more practical and legally defensible use of force policy. 

You’ll learn:

  • Real-world examples of how wording commonly used in use of force policies creates legal trouble, even if an officer’s actions are reasonable
  • How to integrate Graham v. Connor and Scott v. Harris into a use of force policy
  • Guidelines for documenting the use of force and interviewing officers following use of force incidents 

Presented by:

Bruce Praet
Partner, Ferguson, Praet & Sherman
Co-Founder, Lexipol

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