View On Demand (Recorded March 30, 2023)

First responders are tough and resilient but the work they do exposes them to highly stressful and potentially traumatizing events. To combat this, agencies have developed mental health support networks. However, to successfully address the various needs of employees, it is crucial to take a multi-faceted approach. 

Join Lexipol for a special First Responder Wellness Week webinar with Dr. Rachelle Zemlok and Dr. Jaime Brower to learn ways to support your employees and strengthen your agency’s mental health support network. We’ll also cover how Dr. Brower’s work is improving training for peer support and first responder clinicians.

You’ll learn:

  • Common challenges faced with mental health support programs
  • How to build an effective mental health support network for first responders that includes family support, peer support, and mental health providers
  • Training and resources available through the National Emergency Responder and Public Safety Center

Presented By: 

Dr. Rachelle Zemlok
Clinical Psychologist
Strategic Wellness Director


Dr. Jaime Brower
Vice President, Peer Support & Clinician Training and Certification




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