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Public safety agencies have made enormous strides in addressing the wellness of their personnel. But often, wellness programs fail to adequately involve the family. And this is a missed opportunity, because strong first responder families in turn lead to strong departments.

Join Dr. Rachelle Zemlok, a clinical psychologist and fire spouse, during First Responder Wellness Week, for a discussion on why the family connection is so important in public safety and how agency wellness coordinators and leaders can utilize family members to reinforce department wellness efforts. 

You’ll learn:  

  • Diverse ways your agency can support first responder families.
  • Key components of a strong support network for family members.
  • How equipping family members with information and tools can result in happier, healthier personnel.
  • How other departments are effectively integrating families into their wellness programs.

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Dr. Rachelle Zemlok
Clinical Psychologist 
Strategic Wellness Director, Lexipol 



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