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View On Demand (Recorded March 26, 2024)

Peer support is evolving. After years of foundational efforts to build peer support programs, progressive public safety agencies are beginning to explore a new model for improving peer support effectiveness. While critical incident support is essential, peer support must be much more – combining proactive, reactive and after-incident efforts to assist personnel, including executive leadership, in building resilience and maintaining physical and mental health.  

Join Lexipol’s peer support experts to learn more about this emerging model and how your agency can implement it. We’ll also explore emerging trends in wellness issues affecting public safety personnel that all peer team members need to be aware of. 

You’ll learn:  

  • Recent research findings on topics impacting peer teams and agency personnel.
  • The importance of proactive, preventive peer outreach and how it can also support recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Essential training topics and new concepts for peer support members.
  • Common mistakes made within peer support programs.

Presented by:

Dr. Jaime Brower
Vice President, Support, Training & Certification 

Emily Hitchings, MA, LPCC, NCC 
Programming Director, Lexipol



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