View On Demand (Recorded April 27, 2021)

The Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan (ARP) is one of the most progressive and far-reaching pieces of legislation ever passed. In addition to direct aid to individuals, the plan promises billions of dollars in funding to state and local governments and increases funding to several grant programs. 

What does this windfall mean for first responders and their agencies? And how can agencies ensure they are well positioned to take advantage of the available funding?

Join experts from Lexipol’s grants division for a roundtable discussion on how the American Rescue Plan will affect public safety and how to advocate for your agency’s needs. 

You’ll learn:

  • What we know now about the funds allocated—and what details are yet to be determined
  • Key differences between the ARP funding and previous COVID-19 aid
  • How the ARP impacts funding to popular public safety grant programs like AFG, EMPG, etc.
  • Strategies agencies should take to maximize access to ARP funds 

Presented by:

Stephanie Bays
Director of
Operations, Grants

Jerry Brant
Senior Grant Consultant & Writer
FireGrantsHelp & EMSGrantsHelp

Samantha Dorm
Senior Grant Consultant

Sarah Wilson
Vice President, Grants


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