View on Demand (Recorded June 15, 2021)

Following an officer-involved critical incident, the possibility of a lawsuit—criminal or civil—looms large. Even when an officer’s actions appear highly defensible, this is an intense and harrowing time for the officer. Compounding the stress is the fact that many officers are unfamiliar with the stages of an investigation and potential trial, the protections available to them and what they can expect during settlement or trial. 

In this webinar, Chief Ken Wallentine and Laura Scarry share what officers need to know about the legal process following a critical incident—insight essential for both individual officers and the leaders guiding their personnel through such proceedings. 

You’ll learn:

  • Key aspects officers need to know about qualified immunity
  • What it means to be indemnified
  • State vs. federal court considerations
  • How summary judgment works 
  • How to effectively prepare for deposition

Presented by:

Chief Ken Wallentine 
West Jordan (UT) Police Department
Laura Scarry
Partner, DeAno and Scarry
Attorney, Lexipol 


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