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The cumulative stress and trauma of a law enforcement career affects not only the officer, but their family members as well. Unfortunately, most agency wellness programs stop at the officer and fail to engage family members. And without proper family support, the officer’s stress can increase significantly, impacting their effectiveness and potentially even causing them to leave the agency. 

Join Dr. Rachelle Zemlok, Lexipol strategic wellness director, to learn more about the connection between family support and officer wellness, as well as strategies for how your agency can better involve families in your wellness program.  

You’ll learn:  

  • Why family support and engagement is key to reducing officer turnover 
  • Why resources your agency provides to officers often don’t “make it home” 
  • Examples of how agencies are creatively supporting and involving family members in officer wellness 
  • Benefits you can expect when you provide family support 

Presented by:


Dr. Rachelle Zemlok
Clinical Psychologist
Strategic Wellness Director, Lexipol



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