View On Demand (Recorded July 29, 2022)

Heart disease is the leading killer of firefighters, EMS personnel and law enforcement officers. And frequently, it comes for younger individuals who look and feel fit. 

This increased risk requires first responders to take additional steps to protect their cardiovascular health. Fortunately, new technologies can be combined with nutrition and fitness strategies to dramatically lower your risk. Join us to find out how. 

You’ll learn: 

  • Data from more than 7,000 first responders that depict the elevated risk
  • The distinction between fitness and health
  • Screening tests every first responder should have 
  • Fitness and nutrition tips designed to help fire, EMS and law enforcement personnel protect their heart health

Presented by:


Fire Chief (Ret.) Dan Kerrigan
Upper Providence Township
Author, Firefighter Functional Fitness

Mandy Nice
Strategic Wellness Director
Chief (Ret.) Noel March
Chief Strategy Officer
Sigma Tactical Wellness
Director, Maine Community
Policing Institute
Jon Sheinberg, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Sigma Tactical Wellness
Lieutenant, Travis County (TX)
Sheriff’s Department


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