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The laws pertaining to police use of force are complex and dynamic. In law enforcement circles, court decisions involving police use of force are quick to gain attention, leading to commentary reacting to the decisions. However, a lack of understanding may cause leaders to inappropriately dismiss, or overreact to, these decisions and make unnecessary changes in policy.

In part one of this two-part webinar series, attorney and Chief (Ret.) Mike Ranalli will provide a high-level overview of how case law works and how to determine the relevant issues and holdings using recent cases as examples. The discussion will include an explanation of qualified immunity and how it may be necessary to look beyond the law and focus on the legitimacy of the actions of the involved officers.  

You’ll learn:  

  • How case law holdings can impact police operations and tactics.

  • The importance of watching trends across the various appellate courts even when the decision may not directly affect your agency.

  • How case law can provide valuable insights into police policy, practices and training.

Presented by:

Chief (Ret.) Mike Ranalli
Marketing Development Manager, Lexipol


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