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Coronavirus transformed our lives nearly overnight. Suddenly, we’re bombarded with messages: Stay home, shelter in place, avoid sick people, flatten the curve, not enough ventilators, you may be a carrier for days without symptoms. It’s no wonder people all over the world have a higher collective stress level than any time in modern history.

And if you work in emergency services, you can’t stay home or avoid sick people. The extra layers of worry on top of jobs that are nerve-wracking by design can quickly become overwhelming. During this free webinar, former paramedic, law enforcement trainer and resilience expert Mike Taigman will explain how stress affects first responders and provide strategies you can use to manage during the long haul of this pandemic.

You’ll learn:

  • How stress during emergencies such as the coronavirus outbreak impacts our bodies at a cellular, psychological and emotional level
  • Strategies you can start to use instantly to lower your stress and build resilience during the coronavirus crisis
  • Practical ways public safety leaders can help decrease stress for their personnel on the frontlines of this epidemic

Presented by:

Mike Taigman
Improvement Guide and
Lead, ResilientFirst

A frequent contributor to EMS1, Mike has been teaching EMS providers, healthcare providers, fire professionals and law enforcement officers for nearly 40 years. An assistant professor at two graduate schools—UMBC and UCSF—Mike is known for his engaging and actionable presentations.


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