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Corrections work is immensely stressful, marked by threats to personal safety, understaffing, overcrowding, exposure to criminal behavior and tensions with administrators. For many correctional officers and personnel, this stress can become critical, affecting their physical and emotional health and their ability to do the job effectively.

While there’s much about the correctional environment we can’t change, we do have control over how we approach correctional officer wellness and provide support to help personnel manage stress. This webinar will apply Gordon Graham’s “5 Pillars” approach to the issue of critical stress in corrections, providing attendees with a unique way to frame the problem and identify solutions.

You’ll learn:

  • Causes, symptoms and consequences of critical stress in corrections personnel
  • The 5 Pillars of Organizational Success and how they apply to managing stress in the correctional environment
  • Specific strategies for addressing critical stress through each of the 5 Pillars

Presented by:

Gordon Graham
Co-Founder, Lexipol
Attorney and Risk
Management Expert



Mark Chamberlain
Director, Corrections Content, Lexipol
Former Chief Deputy of Corrections
Garland County (AR) Sheriff’s Office

Brad Hompe
Corrections Complaint Examiner/Investigator
Wisconsin Department of Corrections
Professional Services Representative, Lexipol


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