View on Demand (Recorded February 16, 2022)

Responsibility. Integrity. Accountability. These are basic aspects of the oath every law enforcement officer takes. Unfortunately, the politicized scrutiny under which today’s officers operate can work against this oath, pushing officers to withdraw inward and adopt a defensive mindset.

How do we reverse this tendency? How do we develop an agency culture where holding each other accountable is not a matter of punishment but rather the way we support one another to effectively do the intense, sometimes traumatic work of law enforcement?

Join Lexipol to learn about a unique effort to help officers see others as people who matter, focus on collective results and hold each other accountable. This approach goes far beyond a duty to intervene policy—but in helping officers better understand themselves and others, it supports police peer intervention and many of the goals of police reform. 

You’ll learn:

  • How West Jordan UT PD and Dixie State University PD incorporated key components of the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) Project 
  • The concept of inward vs. outward mindset (developed by the Arbinger Institute) and how this concept relates to police accountability and duty to intervene
  • Steps your agency can take to start building a culture that promotes individual responsibility to prevent mistakes and misconduct while also supporting one another   

Presented by:

Chief Ken Wallentine 
West Jordan (UT) PD
Senior Legal Advisor, Lexipol


Chief Blair Barfuss 
Dixie State University Police
St. George, UT


Desmond Lomax
Co-Director of Public Safety Practice 
The Arbinger Institute



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