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Data swirls around fire operations—resource deployment, turnout times, response times, minimum staffing levels, funding and exposures. Data also comes up when we’re asked to “prove” what we already know about our operational capability! But how do we capture this data, and how do we use it to make meaningful decisions? 

Join Lexipol and a panel of distinguished fire service leaders to learn about the growing imperative for data-driven decision-making in the fire service. The presenters share key performance measures that fire departments should be tracking, methods for easily capturing the data needed for those measures, and how to use data to effect change at the administrative, company and individual firefighter levels.

Attendees will also view a demonstration of the National Fire Operations Reporting System (NFORS), a live data analytics system available to fire departments through a nonprofit collaborative group of fire service organizations. 

You’ll learn:

  • Why fire service leaders (management and labor) need to use performance measures to drive operational and policy decisions and support fiscal requests
  • How to use live data and performance measures at the company level to empower officers and firefighters to improve performance and reduce risks
  • How NFORS helps fire departments easily capture and analyze real-world operational data, including tracking and documenting individual firefighter physical and behavioral health exposures to ensure adequate documentation in the event of cancer or PTSD diagnosis

Presented by:

Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder
Loveland-Symmes (OH) Fire Department

Chief Otto Drozd
Orange County (FL) Fire Rescue Department

Russ Sanders
Executive Secretary
Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association


Lori Moore-Merrell, PhD
Asst. to the General President
International Association of Fire Fighters

Chief Tom Jenkins
Rogers (AR) Fire Department




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