Recorded October 27, 2023

Every day, thousands of first responders courageously take on the most unpredictable, high-pressure, chilling, and at times, life-threatening calls. The criticality of health and wellness for first responders is crystal clear, but creating a culture of health and wellness at work is often easier said than done.

Join this session to unlock proven strategies and tactics that you can use to build the support, structure, and synergy needed to turn healthy intentions into tangible actions that produce meaningful, lasting success. Specifically, Jocko will talk about how to use Extreme Ownership Leadership Principles to build authentic trust and foundational support for wellness at your agency. Dr. David Black will provide keen insight into how to “smash the stigma” associated with mental health and how to realistically manage the heaviest demands of the job with resilience and strength for peak performance. Dr. Jamie Brower will illuminate pathways to build onsite wellness leadership at your agency with Peer Support and Chief Peer Support Team models that leverage the principles of Believe and Simple. Director Mandy Nice will share practical steps to start, strengthen, and optimize your agency’s wellness program by taking extreme ownership, prioritizing and executing, and implementing a system of decentralized command.

Live Q&A will provide a valuable opportunity for attendees to ask the panelists how to customize the approach and ensure that any previously identified obstacles become no factor.

Presented by:

Mandy Nice
Strategic Wellness Director, Lexipol


Dr. David Black
Cordico Founder
President of Lexipol Wellness Solutions

Jocko Willink
Co-Founder & CEO of Echelon Front
Retired U.S. Navy SEAL Officer

Dr. Jaime Brower 
Vice President of Peer Support & Clinician Training & Certification


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