View On Demand (Recorded March 22, 2023)

Over the last five years, the fire service has been flooded with conversations focused on data, research, collaboration across countries and improvements in how we measure tactical effectiveness. To that end, how do fire chiefs, fire officers and firefighters determine which developments are the best fit for their departments?  

In this webinar, members of the Loveland (CO) Fire Rescue Authority (LFRA) command staff will share their story of how, for decades, they have built a culture of openness to new ideas and developed a rigorous system of testing, training and deployment. Join us to learn more about the LFRA and how they incorporate the lessons learned from contemporary research coupled with advanced technologies to produce a safe and effective fireground.

You’ll learn:  

  • A systematic approach to evaluating tactics and technologies and building support among line firefighters.

  • The 4 key components LFRA uses to build and maintain a progressive, forward-looking fireground.

  • The 5 tactics LFRA is using to confront the challenges of the modern fireground and deliver a more efficient, effective operation.

Presented by:

Fire Chief Tim Sendelbach  
Loveland (CO) Fire Rescue Authority

Battalion Chief Eric Klaas  
Loveland (CO) Fire Rescue Authority 

Battalion Chief Jason Starck Loveland (CO) Fire Rescue Authority  


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