Video On-Demand Webinar (Recorded October 2, 2018)​

There’s an elephant inside many firehouses: Far too often, inappropriate behavior is condoned or even encouraged. Bullying, harassment and hazing continue despite the department’s official position that such behavior isn’t tolerated. In turn, the department and its personnel suffer.

​Although it may be tempting to dismiss “inclusion” as a trendy buzzword, we cannot ignore demographic and cultural changes. As our society has changed, so has our fire service. Leaders and firefighters who pass off inclusion as the latest fad do so at their peril—risking damage to their careers, their department’s performance, and even their mental and emotional health.

​Join Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder and three fire chiefs for a frank, practical discussion on how we can realistically promote inclusive behavior at all ranks in the firehouse.

​You’ll learn:​

  • Common signs of workplace bullying and harassment
  • Why fire service leaders often inadvertently participate in inappropriate behavior
  • Critical policies for preventing bullying, harassment and retaliation
  • Recruitment and promotional practices that support an inclusive culture without jeopardizing important department traditions

​Presented by:

Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder
Loveland-Symmes (OH) Fire Department

Chief Joanne Hayes-White
San Francisco Fire Department

Chief Colleen Walz
Johns Island (SC) Fire Department
Chief I. David Daniels
Chair, IAFC’s Bullying, Harassment and Violence Prevention Task Group


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