View On Demand (Recorded March 17, 2022)

When it comes to grant funding, 2022 may just be THE year for body-worn cameras (BWCs). Millions of dollars in competitive and matching grants are allocated to support new and expanding BWC programs. But how do you create a winning application? 

This webinar brings together a panel of experts to share key considerations when planning your agency’s BWC grant application. 

You’ll learn: 

  • Details on FY22 grant funding related to or allocated for BWCs
  • What DOJ grant reviewers are looking for in a BWC grant application
  • Areas your agency needs to address—such as policy—before pursuing grant funding
  • Important factors to consider about selecting a vendor, video storage and BWC training

Presented by:

Samantha Dorm
Senior Grant Consultant


Rudolph Hall Jr., EdD
Assistant Chief of Special Investigations
New York State Office of the Attorney General Adjunct Lecturer, John Jay College 

Sarah (Wilson) Handler
Vice President, Grants
Bill McAuliffe
Director, Professional Services


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