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One of the greatest risks to correctional officers and facilities is inmate manipulation. The jail environment puts inmates, officers and civilian staff in close contact, making it easy for inmates to identify and exploit staff vulnerabilities. This practice not only creates security risks for the facility; it can have devastating consequences for the staff members who let themselves be “conned.”  

With the right training and supervisory oversight, the threat of inmate manipulation can be significantly reduced. In this webinar, veteran instructors Gary Cornelius and Brad Hompe use real-world scenarios to explore how correctional staff become compromised and critical steps to protect yourself and your facility against manipulation. 

You’ll learn:

  • How inmates select correctional officers and civilians to manipulate and what staff needs to know to avoid being targeted
  • Three common mistakes correctional officers, civilian staff and administrators make that leave them vulnerable to inmate manipulation
  • Key policies and training facilities should have in place to reduce the chances staff will be manipulated by inmates

Presented by:


Gary Cornelius
Adjunct Professor, George Mason University
In-Service Instructor and Author
Deputy Sheriff (ret), Fairfax County

Brad Hompe
Corrections Complaint Examiner/Investigator
Wisconsin Department of Corrections
Professional Services Representative, Lexipol
National Corrections Consultant

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