View On Demand (Recorded November 18, 2021)

Inside the walls of our correctional institutions is a wealth of intelligence—information that can inform drug, gang, trafficking and violent crime investigations. But too often, this information never makes it to the front lines. Without an infrastructure to support information sharing, most agencies will default to remaining siloed and even secretive with intelligence—missing valuable opportunities for crime prevention. 

In this webinar, Sgt. (ret.) Chris Munley and Sgt. David Sharkey present a different model, one in which corrections, probation, juvenile detention and law enforcement agencies work together to proactively share intelligence information. They’ll explain how to start a program and what benefits it will bring your agency and your community. 

You’ll learn:

  • Elements of an intelligence sharing program, including collection, identification and dissemination
  • Responsibilities of investigators and specialized training they may need
  • How to develop confidential informants
  • Common challenges to intelligence sharing and how to overcome them

Presented by:

Chris Munley
Corrections Content Developer, Lexipol
Corrections Sergeant (ret), Ottawa County, MI

Sgt. David Sharkey
Security Threat Group Gang Investigations Unit
Narcotics K9 Supervisor
Broward County (FL) Sheriff’s Office    


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