View On Demand (30 minutes; Recorded August 20, 2019)

More than a dozen states have some version of the Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights (LEOBR) written into law. But even in states without legislation, it’s essential for agencies to strike a delicate balance between impartially investigating allegations of misconduct and protecting the rights of police officers during internal affairs investigations. 

Administrators, IA investigators, union representatives, line supervisors and officers—even those in non-LEOBR states—will all benefit from an overview of investigating allegations of misconduct, regardless of how minor or serious. 

In this 30-minute webinar, Lexipol’s Bruce Praet discusses how to conduct interrogations that are effective at rooting out bad behavior while remaining fair to the officer.

You’ll learn:

  • Common interrogation tactics that raise issues
  • How to treat probationary and non-sworn employees who come under investigation
  • Important due process issues

Presented by:

Bruce Praet
Partner, Ferguson, Praet & Sherman
Co-founder, Lexipol

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