View On Demand (75 minutes; Recorded June 3, 2020)

Homelessness could increase 40% in the U.S. as a result of COVID-19-related unemployment, according to one model. Even before the pandemic, some communities had experienced a 1,000% increase in homeless encampments. 

Homeless populations present significant challenges to law enforcement, and enforcement action alone will never solve systemic homelessness. In this webinar, a multi-disciplinary panel with decades of experience in addressing homelessness in Southern California will share tactics for safer response to homeless populations, legal considerations associated with enforcement, and how law enforcement can work effectively with public health officials, mental health professionals and homeless advocates to deploy long-term solutions.

You’ll learn:

  • National statistics, root causes and symptoms associated with those experiencing homelessness—and why you need to know the demographics of your community’s homeless population
  • Key legal considerations and recent case law
  • The importance of statistical record keeping and creative code enforcement to help address complaints such as panhandling, oversized vehicle, camping and trespassing
  • How to build an event action plan to clear dangerous encampments and provide needed resources for homeless individuals
  • Tactics for addressing officer safety concerns when interacting with homeless individuals

Presented by:

Sgt. (Ret.) Mike Lozeau
Anaheim (CA) Police Department


Brad Fieldhouse
Executive Director
City Net


Sandra Sagert
Community Preservation
and Licensing Manager
Homeless Liaison, City of Anaheim (CA)

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