View On Demand (Recorded September 28, 2023)

Police agencies across the country are increasing their wellness efforts and expanding their agency wellness programs to include a variety of resources for their members. As more agencies develop their wellness programs, a key component for consideration should be the clinicians your agency members are utilizing. Not all clinicians are alike, and law enforcement personnel require clinicians with specialized training to address their unique needs. 

Join Lexipol for a webinar to learn the skills clinicians need to best serve your agency personnel. Hear from the experts on how to best integrate culturally competent clinicians into your wellness program as well as how clinicians who want to serve public safety can gain those skills necessary to serve their clients’ needs. 

You’ll learn:  

  • Key selection criteria for clinicians, including essential training, experience and skills to look for.
  • Different models agencies can utilize to incorporate clinicians into their agency wellness programs.
  • Where clinicians can locate additional resources for training and certification to better serve their public safety clients.

Presented by:

Dr. Jaime Brower 
Vice President of Peer Support & Clinician Training & Certification, Lexipol 

Emily Hitchings, MA, LPCC, NCC 
Programming Director, Lexipol




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