View On Demand (Recorded June 28, 2022)

The changing definition of “journalist.” The ubiquity of cell phone cameras. State legislation extending protections to reporters. All these factors have made police/press interaction inherently more complex. 

And with complexity comes risk. An officer may violate a journalist’s First or Fourth Amendment rights. A journalist may jeopardize safety of themselves or others. Confrontations between officers and members of the press may spiral out of control, further eroding police/community trust.

This webinar will use videos, examples and audience questions to tackle some of the most vexing situations officers face with journalists. Attendees will gain confidence in how to navigate these sensitive situations in a way that protects everyone’s rights without jeopardizing scene control and safety. 

You’ll Learn:

  • Key points your agency policy should cover regarding police/press interaction and the right to record
  • Developing legal trends in restricting police/press interaction
  • Strategies for reacting to First Amendment audits
  • Lessons from the civil protests of 2020 and 2021
  • Tactics that empower officers to safely and constitutionally interact with journalists

Presented by:


Mickey H. Osterreicher
General Counsel
National Press Photographers Association
Reserve Deputy Sheriff
Erie County (NY) Sheriff’s Office


Michael Parker
Commander (Ret.)
Los Angeles County
Sheriff’s Department
International Law Enforcement Consultant 


Michael Ranalli
Chief (Ret.) 
Glenville (NY) Police
Program Manager, Lexipol


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