Part of the Lexipol Police Reform Webinar Series

View On Demand (Recorded April 20, 2021)

Police officers make numerous decisions every day. Some are simple, while some can have lasting impact on the officer and the people involved. When these decisions go wrong, tragic outcomes can ensue—and the root cause is sometimes poor training. 

Many agencies continue to rely on training that supports a flawed conception of “officer safety” that can in fact place officers at increased risk and cause harm to members of the community. Such training “artifacts” are outdated or inaccurate concepts that remain embedded in training and influence officer decision-making many years later. 

This webinar will use contemporary scenarios to lead police administrators, trainers and officers to critically analyze their training to ensure officers are being given the proper skills to handle the difficult decisions they face.

You’ll learn: 

  • To evaluate the root cause of tragedies involving police intervention
  • Recent examples where training failed officers and whether it is possible you or your officers would have responded the same way
  • The importance of keeping instructors up to date with contemporary science-based training programs  

Presented by:

Chief (Ret.) Mike Ranalli 
Program Manager
Laura Scarry
Partner, DeAno and Scarry
Attorney, Lexipol 


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