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Every year since 2000, suicide has been the leading cause of death in local jails. With suicide so pervasive in detention facilities, it can easily be seen as unpreventable or simply a fact of life in jail.

Suicides are preventable. Many facilities are successful at identifying suicide risk and managing suicidal inmates. These facilities incorporate a comprehensive suicide prevention program including best practices, policies and training to help correctional officers identify inmates who present a risk for suicide and connect them with appropriate mental health services.

This webinar will present proven strategies jail administrators and correctional officers can use to reduce the risk of inmate suicide.

You’ll learn:

  • Key research findings regarding past jail suicides and recommendations going forward
  • How common misunderstandings about suicide contribute to preventable in-custody deaths
  • Components and policy needs for a suicide prevention program
  • Best practices for areas such as inmate reception, screening and classification that can reduce suicide risk  

Presented by:

Mark Chamberlain
Training Coordinator, Lexipol
Former Chief Deputy of Corrections
Garland County (AR) Sheriff's Office

Brad Hompe
Corrections Complaint Examiner/Investigator
Professional Services Representative, Lexipol
National Corrections Consultant


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