View On Demand (Recorded Feb. 18, 2021)

First responders begin their careers in top mental and physical shape. But a career in law enforcement, fire, EMS, dispatch or corrections often takes a huge toll. Left unmanaged, these physical and mental stressors can cut short careers, relationships and even lives. 

We can break the cycle. It starts with understanding the unique stressors first responders face and how being healthy physically and mentally is essential to being good at the job. 

In this webinar, experts in first responder cardiac health, fatigue management, mental health and risk management discuss how public safety personnel can enjoy long, productive careers. 

You’ll learn:

  • The impact first responder mental and physical wellness has on high-risk job functions 
  • How to reduce the negative impacts of shift work 
  • New cardiac screenings that can detect heart disease before it manifests and what to ask of your primary healthcare provider to keep ahead of the curve
  • The importance of a risk-management and organizational culture to health and wellness
  • Critical mental health resources and tools that can help personnel stay strong and prepared

Presented by:

David Black, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Gordon Graham
Lois James, PhD
Assistant Director for Research 
Washington State University
College of Nursing
Sleep and Performance Research Center
Jon Sheinberg, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Sigma Tactical Wellness
Lieutenant, Lakeway (TX) Police Department

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