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Combine the prevalence of video with the lack of trust in law enforcement, and you have a recipe for instant analysis when things go wrong. Her training was out of date. He clearly has an anger management issue. They unnecessarily escalated the situation. The entire organization is corrupt. Such assessments often feed the flames of heated discussions about reforms needed in policing. 

To truly support the goals of police reform, we must do better. Writing off tragedy as the result of one bad apple—or conversely, jumping to the conclusion that the whole barrel is rotten—passes up an opportunity to analyze what went wrong, why, and what intervention measures are needed to prevent this from happening again. It’s basic risk management—but it’s lacking in many public safety agencies across the U.S.

Join Lexipol’s Gordon Graham and Chief Mike Ranalli for insight into how you can improve incident analysis in your department and use the information to implement lasting change. 

You’ll Learn:

  • How to use the 5 Pillars of Organizational Risk Management as a framework for root cause analysis 
  • Examples from within and outside law enforcement that illustrate the concepts of root causes
  • Trends Lexipol is seeing in root causes of law enforcement incidents gone wrong
  • How to balance calls for immediate accountability against the need to identify root causes and make long-term changes

Presented by:

Gordon Graham 
Attorney and Risk Management Expert

Chief (Ret.) Michael Ranalli
Program Manager


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