View On Demand (30 minutes; Recorded July 30, 2019)

With social media seemingly interwoven into our society, it’s tempting to see it as harmless. In fact, messages on Facebook, Twitter and even texting platforms continue to cause trouble for law enforcement officers, sometimes making an otherwise tightknit court case go wrong. 

In this brief, hard-hitting presentation, Lexipol co-founder and attorney Bruce Praet will share important social media considerations for officers and agencies gleaned from his experiences representing officers in court.  

You’ll learn: 

  • Why social media can pose a safety risk to officers
  • How plaintiff’s attorneys use messages and posts to attack officer credibility
  • The limits of privacy protections
  • Guidelines for department social media pages

Presented by:

Bruce Praet
Partner, Ferguson, Praet & Sherman
Co-founder, Lexipol

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