On Demand (Recorded Sept. 18, 2020)

Correctional facilities house many inmates who require special management from staff—inmates at risk for slipping into life-threatening depression or attempting suicide, as well as those who require more attention, alternative housing arrangements and procedural adjustments. Effectively supervising such inmates is essential to inmate and officer safety and for preventing incidents that lead to individual and facility civil liability.

Join Lexipol for a discussion on how correctional officers can safely and effectively manage three special needs populations—transgender individuals, inmates experiencing serious mental illness, and inmates who are isolated from the general population. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify inmates with special needs 
  • Officer safety concerns that arise when dealing with special management inmates
  • Recent case law illustrating civil liability challenges involving special management inmates
  • How to ensure inmates with special needs receive due process and legally required services 
  • Crisis intervention and de-escalation strategies that can help officers when dealing with special needs inmates

Presented by:

Gary Cornelius
Adjunct Professor
George Mason University
In-Service Instructor/Author
Deputy Sheriff (ret), Fairfax County


Mark Chamberlain
Director, Corrections Content, Lexipol
Former Chief Deputy of Corrections
Garland County (AR) SO


Chris Munley
Corrections Content Developer, Lexipol
Former U.S. DOJ Certified PREA Auditor
Corrections Sergeant (ret), Ottawa County, MI

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