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Corrections is one of the most stressful professions today. Both sworn and non-sworn corrections professionals frequently manage offenders who often try to circumvent authority, are difficult to manage and resist rehabilitation efforts. This, in addition to short staffing and the lack of respect from many who don’t understand corrections work, results in high levels of stress. If left unmanaged, stress can be detrimental to your career. It can also lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, divorce, substance abuse, suicide and burnout.  

Join Lexipol and Lieutenant (Ret.) Gary Cornelius, who will discuss data on stress in corrections along with research from his upcoming book, Stressed Out: Strategies for Living and Working in Corrections, to help you identify tools and techniques to better manage stress. 

You’ll learn:  

  • To identify what stress looks like in a corrections environment.

  • The serious effects of unmanaged stress on both the job and home fronts.

  • Positive coping strategies and how to avoid negative coping techniques.

  • Ways to make a “life plan” to manage stress.

Presented by:


Lt. (Ret.) Gary Cornelius
Adjunct Professor, George Mason University
In-Service Instructor/Author




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