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Supervision in any profession has its challenges. In the field of corrections, the job is even more difficult, especially when supervisors rise up through the ranks. Supervising those with whom you once “shared the trenches” can create additional stress. And the jail is a high-risk environment in which to learn and practice new leadership skills.  

In this Lexipol webinar, Lieutenant (Ret.) Gary Cornelius shares how supervisors can build a strong leadership foundation, develop effective relationships with subordinates and other leaders, and avoid common pitfalls within the corrections environment.

You’ll learn:  

  • Key characteristics of a good corrections leader.

  • How to effectively manage and develop staff through discipline, ethics and performance evaluations.

  • How to drive staff excellence through coaching, positive interaction and teamwork.

  • How supervisors can reduce civil liability.

Presented by:


Lt. (Ret.) Gary Cornelius
Adjunct Professor, George Mason University
In-Service Instructor/Author




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