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The California Board of State and Community Corrections has adopted significantly revised Title 15 regulatory requirements. These changes require all juvenile detention facilities to assess their policies against the changes and additions, determine how to meet the intent of the regulations, and make updates to policies as needed.

In this webinar, Barbara Fenton, a subject matter expert in California juvenile detention, will highlight some of the most significant Title 15 changes and provide analysis on how these changes impact juvenile detention facilities. 

You'll Learn:

  • The most significant Title 15 changes, from use of force and physical restraints to sexual abuse 
  • Steps juvenile detention facilities—both those that use Lexipol policies and those that don't—need to consider when addressing Title 15 changes
  • Important differences between federal regulations and the new Title 15 regulations
  • How agencies using Lexipol can save hundreds of hours when updating their policies to address Title 15

Presented by:

Barbara Fenton is a 30-year veteran of the criminal justice field, having served with the Sacramento County (Calif.) Probation Department, the California Governor’s Office of Criminal Justice Planning, and the California Board of State and Community Corrections. Barbara has extensive experience inspecting local adult and juvenile detention facilities throughout the state, facilitating California Title 15 and 24 regulations revisions, and assessing and facilitating California’s compliance with the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Act core protections. Following retirement from public service, Barbara became involved in the development of the Lexipol’s Juvenile Detention Facility policy manuals.


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