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When first responders are operating in the field, they are often required to make quick decisions. As a public safety leader, you hope your personnel have been trained on both policy and practice and you trust they are making sound decisions. However, there are times when your personnel encounter unfamiliar scenarios — situations that are low frequency but high risk. When those occur, are you confident your personnel are not only familiar with the relevant policy but have also been trained on the policy? If you are a Lexipol customer, are you utilizing your policy management solution to its fullest? If you are not a customer, are you providing your personnel with the knowledge they need to follow policy? 

Join Chief (Ret.) Mike Ranalli and Battalion Chief (Ret.) Bruce Bjorge, as they discuss how using Daily Training Bulletins (DTBs) can help ensure your personnel are not only reviewing agency policy but also receiving regular training on your agency policy. 

You’ll learn:  

  • The legal and cultural reasons training requirements exist.  

  • How DTBs can be one of the most versatile tools in your training toolbox.  

  • How to identify which training needs can be met by DTBs and which can’t.  

  • How Lexipol's Policy Management solution can help to fulfill your policy training needs. 

Presented by:

Battalion Chief Bruce Bjorge
Director of Sales – Fire, Lexipol
Chief (Ret.) Mike Ranalli
Market Development Manager, Lexipol


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