View On Demand (Recorded June 22, 2020)

The necessity to prevent error under pressure unites all high-risk industries, from aviation to public safety. Organizations that keep errors low save lives, reduce resources and protect their reputations. 

But how to optimize human performance is not obvious. Sometimes, the lack of error is merely a coincidence, rather than the result of a conscious effort to build reliability into the organizational culture. 

In this exclusive event, nationally renowned speakers Dr. Tony Kern and Gordon Graham discuss how leaders in high-risk industries can better understand the factors that lead to human error and develop strategies to help personnel make safer decisions under time pressure. 

You’ll learn:

  • Common threats to decision-making in high-risk environments
  • The relationship between violations and errors
  • The importance of individual readiness and accountability in reducing errors
  • Ideas for capturing and sharing institutional knowledge

Presented by:

Gordon Graham
Co-Founder, Lexipol
Attorney and Risk Management Expert

Tony Kern, EdD
Command Pilot (USAF, Ret.)

Partner, Convergent Performance 

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