View On Demand (Recorded September 12, 2023)

As law enforcement officers, you frequently learn from the mistakes of others. Throughout the academy and during in-service training, videos of incidents with tragic outcomes are used to train what not to do. So why do bad things keep happening? 

Too often, it’s because our training focuses on what the officers did instead of what they saw that led them to make those choices. Join Chief (Ret.) Mike Ranalli and attorney Laura Scarry as they explore the need to apply insight – not just hindsight – to successfully identify root causes of problems and develop training approaches to help officers avoid making similar mistakes in the future. 

You’ll learn:  

  • How “drift” may be contradicting your agency’s stated values, such as “officer safety is paramount.”

  • A model for adaptive training to help improve officer decision-making.

  • The importance of – and challenges to – becoming a learning organization.

Presented by:

Chief (Ret.) Mike Ranalli
Program Manager, Lexipol
Laura Scarry
Attorney and Partner, DeAno and Scarry


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