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All law enforcement officers live with the very real possibility of getting sued. And even if you know you did everything right, having to defend yourself in civil court is an inherently uncomfortable experience. Unfortunately, many officers complicate the situation by clinging to beliefs that, when brought out in court, can have disastrous repercussions.

This webinar will help agencies and individual officers understand how they can strengthen their defense and avoid common mistakes when involved in civil litigation—from before the incident even happens to the day in court. Drawing on 10 years as an officer and 32 years representing officers, Lexipol co-founder and attorney Bruce Praet will outline 10 mindsets that can jeopardize an officer’s civil defense.
You’ll Learn:

  • Common mistakes officers make, from report writing to social media, that can negatively impact civil cases.
  • Key differences in the challenges officers face when testifying in civil vs. criminal cases.
  • The role policy and training play in creating a solid civil defense.

Presented by:

Bruce Praet
Partner, Ferguson, Praet & Sherman
Co-founder, Lexipol

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