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With the increasing complexity of court cases concerning police use of force, law enforcement leaders, trainers and line-level police personnel need to determine what actions, if any, to take as a result of a court's decision. Armed with an understanding of how case law works, law enforcement personnel should critically review recent decisions, specifically, the tactics and decisions used by the officers involved.

In the second of our two-part series, attorney and Chief (Ret.) Mike Ranalli will examine consistent trends in use of force holdings across the various appellate courts as well as discuss how to appropriately apply those findings to your agency's policy, practices and training.

You’ll learn:  

  • The importance of scrutinizing case law decisions from the perspective of a law enforcement officer, not as an attorney.

  • How to gain valuable insights from new case law to drive continuous improvement in your organization.

  • What current trends all officers should be aware of.

Note: This webinar is designed to expand upon the principles presented in our previous webinar, Interpreting and Understanding Case Law: Implications in Police Use of Force, which is available on demand.

Presented by:

Chief (Ret.) Mike Ranalli
Market Development Manager, Lexipol




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