Part of the Lexipol Accreditation Road to Success Series

View On Demand (Recorded July 12, 2023)

Understanding what's needed to prove compliance standards* provides a foundation for accreditation success. But even with this understanding, many agencies get tripped up during the process of gathering compliance proofs. How do you address non-applicable standards? What considerations must you plan for when documenting time-sensitive elements? What happens when policies change? 

Join Lexipol Professional Services Program Managers John DeMillio and Jerry Quinn along with Ted Bremer, Lexipol’s Senior Accreditation and Policy Consultant, for a discussion on the most common pitfalls encountered during the accreditation process and how to avoid falling out of compliance. 

You’ll learn:  

  • How to best maintain accreditation compliance as changes to policies occur. 

  • To understand how time-sensitive tasks can increase your agency’s risk of non-compliance without proper planning. 

  • How to use “not applicable” and “no occurrence” notes effectively, avoiding inconsistencies and improper use. 

*Watch our earlier webinar, “Three Easy Steps for Proving Accreditation Compliance” to learn three easy steps to prove any compliance standard in order to successfully achieve accreditation.


Jerry Quinn
Professional Services  Program Manager, Lexipol

John DeMillio 
Professional Services Program Manager, Lexipol  

Ted Bremer
Senior Accreditation and Policy Consultant, Lexipol


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